Continuing Education Courses

Visto offers a wide range of online courses. Most of these courses count for continuing education credits (CECs) needed for credential renewals. Please check the length of time to determine how many CECs may be earned. One hour equals one CEC, and the number of CECs each course will earn you is in the course description.

Browse available courses for Continuing Education Credits below

NAAEI's Ensuring Accessible Housing
$49.00 1 CEC(s)
Performance Management
$39.00 1 CEC(s)
Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Suite
$49.00 1.5 CEC(s)
Preventative Maintenance
$39.00 1 CEC(s)
The Make Ready
$39.00 1 CEC(s)
Traffic Generation
$19.00 0.5 CEC(s)